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Hey, I’m Chris!

I’m a (web) designer, writer, marketer, digital product & software creator (I'm also a music producer but the sentence was getting too long).

Born in ‘93, I grew up playing basketball and browsing the internet. Today I love creating content and work on fun little projects that solve problems through technology. 

Stuff that I'm working on:

How Grooow started

Around October 2016 I noticed a small gap in the WordPress market and decided to write articles about it.

I called the website Grooow — it sounded funny and it resonated with me. The first article took off, and drove 3000 visitors in three days, and had around 100 email opt-ins. That's a clear winner!

My plan is to keep writing about a set of different topics such as:

  • Designing landing- and sales pages.
  • Selling and creating digital products.
  • Data: Think Facebook Ad tracking, Google Analytics etc.
  • List building and email automations
  • Missing something? Let me know here

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Let’s step into my time machine and go back to the year 2008 (when I was just an average 16-year old kid, with no sense of direction)

As we approached the end of high school, I was looking for a study.

Music seemed like the most natural path but I wasn’t confident enough nor did I have enough skills yet.

Anyhoo, I decided to study web design. Lucas (my teacher) introduced me to HTML, CSS and eventually WordPress. I was sold.

Long story short, due several emotional rollercoasters I failed that study twice—yes, twice—and called it quits after two years.

I felt miserable… college wasn’t for me.

I've always enjoyed working and getting my hands dirty. I got my first job when I was 13 as a paperboy, making €5,- per 600 deliveries. Awful.

Robin, my cousin (left) and me (right) discussing business

I decided to quit college and work as a bartender.

Between shifts I had a lot of time to think and on the off-days I was making more music than ever before.

After years of no contact, I got back in touch with my cousin (Robin) and it turns out he was producing the same style of music (and even selling it). This was also at a point where I felt confident about my music and things where starting to get serious.

Three years later, I decided to take a leap of faith and audition for the Herman Brood Academy, a well-known music school in the Netherlands. I got in!

Chris Schwartze Herman Brood Academie

During my second year I decided to join forces with Robin, who was selling beats on the internet This was my first introduction to internet marketing and selling digital goods. That year I couldn't stop consuming content about email funnels, landing pages, social media and whatever other topic I stumbled upon.

After I graduated in 2016 I hustled my ass off by working full-time as a waiter and doing marketing at Heroic Academy (a blog for music producers).

Eventually Heroic led me to moving to The Hague in September, a beautiful vibrant city just an hour drive from Amsterdam. Here’s where I took a deep dive into content marketing, web design and email funnels as head of marketing.

I also started multiple side hustles (listed above).

And... here we are! 

Always forward, forward always.


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Testimonials and Praise


"Finding Chris Schwartze and Grooow was nothing short of a miracle. As an agency owner, the only thing worse than trying to find and hire reliable developers is hiring reliable sales and marketing people. Chris has a deep understanding of lead generation and digital marketing which combined with his design talents makes him an extremely valuable resource. I would highly recommend Chris for your marketing and design projects. He's the real deal."

Jeffrey Henry


"Chris stands on the shoulders of giants and emulates best practice in everything he does. He aims to create the best possible user and sales experience without sacrificing conversions. Chris understands that less is more in today's digital world of noise."

Mark Hare