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I help creative entrepreneurs scale and improve their WordPress website so that they can get more traffic and convert more visitors.

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Coaching, Strategy & Implemenation

Course Consulting

Course Consulting gives you the feedback you need to create the best course experience for your students. We'll do a deep dive into the content, student feedback, analytics and all other things that matter when selling online courses.

Course consulting starts at $70. Get in touch for details.

Website Creative Analysis

Your website is one of the most important assets to the business. Often it's the first point of contact someone has with your brand. And it's true what they say, first impressions last. Do you know what impact your website has on visitors?

With this creative analysis, you'll receive a 30-minute video of improvements to your website, other recommendations and low hanging fruit you can implement today (or within a week).

This Website Creative Analysis currently costs $70. Get in touch for details.

Website Design & Development

I'll create a custom site for your business using WordPress. The process includes planning, strategy, design, and development. I will take care of the most technical parts of the project such as mobile responsiveness, setting up the hosting and integration. You provide the content and I collaborate with you or your team to craft a website that drives results.

Optional add-ons: Setting up Continous Integration, Versioning on Github, training videos, eCommerce and more.

Web Design projects starting at $2400. Get in touch for details.

"Chris stands on the shoulders of giants and emulates best practice in everything he does. He aims to create the best possible user and sales experience without sacrificing conversions. Chris understands that less is more in today's digital world of noise."

Mark Hare

WP Agency Owner

"Chris has a deep understanding of lead generation and digital marketing which combined with his design talents makes him an extremely valuable resource. I would highly recommend Chris for your marketing and design projects. He's the real deal."

Jeffrey Henry